Blunt Metro Folding Umbrella 39" Cover // Yellow

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The BLUNT XS Metro umbrella is the ultimate portable and strong umbrella. BLUNT have developed a series of world leading umbrellas with superior strength and durability. The BLUNT XS Metro is the strongest collapsible umbrella around. The Metro XS incorporates the unique BLUNT Radial Tensioning System to create a fully-tensioned canopy that out performs all other umbrellas. It has been tested in winds up to 88 km/h or Force 9 winds and can withstand wind speeds and weather conditions that typically destroy traditional umbrellas. Specifications - Smooth black TPR (rubber) handle and black Anonized Aluminium shaft - Black flexible .15 inch fibreglass ribs giving it extra strength, flexibility and lightness - High tension polyester canopy 37 inch in diameter featuring the Radical Tensioning System - Patented BLUNT tips that form a unique part of the Radical Tensioning System - Auto open canopy - 22 inch in length from handle to tip - 14 inch in length when closed - Weight .8 lb