Spectra 3.0 Hardside Expandable Large Case 30" // Red

Brand: Victorinox
SKU: 611762
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Subtotal: $700.00

Made with SORPLAS™, a high performance recycled polycarbonate, our Spectra 3.0 Expandable Large Case is designed with sustainability in mind. It also features improved handle stability, a restyled interior with two large mesh pockets, and elastic X-straps for flexible packing. Need more space? Just unzip the self-expanding compartment for up to 40% extra capacity. When was travel this easy?

Key features

    • Premium components ensure durability and sustainability
    • Expands by up to 40%, offering a 2-in-1 luggage solution
    • Can be personalized with initials for a unique finish
    Item number 611762
    Size 12.6 x 20.1 x 29.5 in
    Capacity 103 l
    Weight 15 lb

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