Tusk Siam Accordion Clutch Wallet //Orask

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Siam Accordion Clutch Wallet

The Accordion Clutch design wins out with ease for increased visibility and functionality. It has a back zipper pocket a fold over design that opens to reveal 3 separate compartments with 12 card slots, zip pocket, and room for papers, pens, or lip gloss.

The Story
Strength, durability, and beauty are the hallmarks of this leather.

The Siam collection is crafted from vegetable tanned goatskin using a process which is eco-friendly and sustainable. This process gives a beautiful depth of color to the leather. Goat Skin has more durability than cowhide and is more supple and softer because of lanolin in the leather.

Made with Care
The hallmark of a Tusk is integrity in design, source materials, and construction. Our linings are made of non-fray material, our hardware is hand-crafted by artisans in Italy and Japan, and our material is hand-picked from the finest and most ethical tanneries in Italy and India.

  • 7.75"L x 4"H
  • Glazed Italian Kidskin
  • Contrast Color Interior
  • Purple Nylon Lining for all colors
  • Nickel Hardware
  • Signature Tusk logo
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